From Now On

An exhibition featuring the MassArt Fibers Dept.

May 2019

Curatorial Statement 

“The relationship between artist and curator should be a collaboration based on mutual dialogue… artists and curators draw from each other’s experience and knowledge.” -Karolina Korupczynska (co-founder of an artist-run space, Stryx, Birmingham)


“It is much better to derive your idea for an exhibition from the practice that you encounter. You are matchmaking to an extent, and you are not arriving at the situation with everything worked out, but enter the conversation as a kind of process of working things out.” -Jonathan Watkins (curator, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham)


These were quotes I kept in mind while conducting the research necessary for this exhibition. My goal as a curator is to focus not only on the display of the work, but my relationships with the artists and their art. Through studio visits, I was able to recognize the differences in needs between the individuals and took that into account when hanging their work. The collaborative dialogue that occurred during these visits was integral to the way the exhibition was to be displayed. This show features five artists from the MassArt Fibers department: Brendan Kenny, Wren Quinn, Lauren Comerato, Stacy Arman, and Sophia Rosselli; each working in vastly different ways with unique subjects. The relationships between subject and medium, piece and piece, artist and curator, and audience with space were the driving force that made this exhibition possible.